Johanna was born in Sweden and moved to London at age 24 after having received her Master’s in Accounting and Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics. She has over 8 years of experience in Finance as an Equity Sales Trader at Credit-Suisse both in London and New York. Johanna was always a greatly appreciated partner with all her clients and colleagues for her attention to details, efficiency, knowledge, honesty and loyalty.

Johanna’s finance career was a great period in her life but she had always had a dream of pursuing a career within Fashion and in 2012 she decided to go back to school and earn a certificate as an Image Consultant at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). During her university studies in Sweden she worked at a luxury retail store in Stockholm. Johanna also grew up in a family where appearance was important and quality over quantity was the family motto. Among her clients, family, friends and former co-workers her appearance is known to be effortless and she is constantly regarded as a trendsetter. Her sense for fashion has certainly also been inspired by the timeless Scandinavian design.